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Human Services Solutions
Family Assistance Staffing was founded with the mission to provide fast and oustanding quality staffing services to our clients and by building relationships that are based on trust and respect by employing the top qualified, experienced, compassionate direct care staff.
We are consistenly recruiting and this provides F.A.S  with a large pool of professional staff to provide all levels and type of care at your facility. We guarantee all direct care personnel are screened, tested, certified and experienced putting you and your mind at ease. These professionals are available to supplement your full time employees and/or during a temporary increase in demand for additional staff at your facility.
If you have and immediate or ASAP staffing needs for that evening, overnight or the next morning, you will get a prompt response, we will move quickly and send the skilled staff you need ASAP. It's our promise.
At Family Assistance Staffing, you always reach a Live Voice case manager to assist you 24/7 (Not an answering machine) because we understand the enormous trust you put on us.
Partner with Family Assistance Staffing Inc. is very much adding more manpower to your team without the hassle of managing, coaching or training additional employees.